We make the sunshine warmer!

Heritage classics, the courage to innovate

Yuexiu decoration history and artistic ingenuity, touch the classic in the eternal quality, find inspiration and creative life, each with a classic shape, different elegant taste.

System certification, quality assurance

The company has passed the TSO9001 quality system certification, to ensure quality stability.

Attention to detail, Excellence

Senior design team design, constantly advancing with the times, Seiko, beautiful Jingxian, leading stocks pioneer.

Factory direct selling, the price is better

Yuexiu has a large own factories, to fully protect the embroidery products supply price can be compared with a wholesale market.

Environmental protection, beautiful, people-oriented

Energy saving, environmental protection and automation control is the two direction of the company's development, to maximize customer satisfaction, to provide every customer with professional, fast, efficient, first-class service.

Considerate service, save time and effort

Powerful service system, stable logistics and distribution system, convenient and quick, save worry and effort, equipped with professional customer service staff, can promptly accept your problem, satisfaction 99.9%.


New Fashion

Simple fashion, heat insulation, sun shading. We make the sunshine warmer!

ONLINE STORE | COMMODITYThe minimal is the new normal.

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